sillydogs (sillydogs) wrote,

new challenges

Thought I would share what I have been up to in my sewing room lately. I decided it was time to try out designing, so I have entered a design contest. There are to be a total of six challenges. One every 2 weeks. Once the judges have given the contest organizer the scores, we are allowed to share our work with others. I have never entered a contest with my sewing before, let alone design it myself. I am pleased with my entry and held my own amongst the judges. There are three judges. One fo which really liked it and the other two thought this piece could have been more dramatic even though they did like the box pleats.  

Challenge two has been turned in and hopefully we will know next weekend the judges scores and comments. Until then... 

Tags: antoinette tonner, design challenge, ooak for antoinette, sewing for dolls

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