sillydogs (sillydogs) wrote,

Where does the time go?!?

Must be the same place all of those socks went to when the kids were still at home. I can't believe it has been two very long years since I last posted. Unbelievable!

I think the last I wrote, I had one whole BJD, my Sooah. I have since renamed her to Liv. I also had a head that I adopted from Sedens - the enabler and very dear friend. The head had a name before she had a body. The heats sits very nicely on a Thaasa Shinydoll body. Her name is Kismet. In searching for a body I adopted a Custome House Mia that I was going to use for Kismet's body. But, once here I just couldn't take her apart. Her name is Alyssa (another story there, but sort of in memory of my youngest brother, may he finally rest in peace). And then last, but not least is my only boy. I adopted him from my friend Sedens. In case any of you wonder where her Jamie went. He is here in Topeka. My now 5 year old darling little granddaughter buddy girl thinks I should name him "Marshmallow". She does come up with some good ones. I'm letting that name gel for a bit before I actually change it. I explained to her we could not name a boy "Marshmallow". However, Marsh might work. We will see if she remembers her suggestion. Marsh might stick maybe. Changing the names of Jessie and Jamie is only because of some experiences I would rather not associate with a doll that came from humans with those names. I know there are good and fun people with those names, but it will be a long time before I can associate fun with those names.

Now I am looking forward to a new year. And what better time to look ahead than a birthday cycle. yes, my birthday is looming forward. I have committed to a design challenge for the new Antionette Tonner doll. Project Doll Way at Home 2. It will be a 3 month challenge. Most of the competitions have been a 6 month ordeal, to put it mildly. I think this one will be fun. And that is what it will be for.. FUN.

Another thing I am contemplating for 2010 is my very first doll convention. I think I would like to try the 2010 Austin BJD Convention. It is within driving distance (12 hours of driving). The price is reasonable compared to doll shows in general. So I think I would like to try for it. I should discuss it with my dear hubby first. He rarely vetoes my requests so it shouldn't be a problem.

Oh!  I did get a website for my birthday last year. It was about 2 or 3 months late, but I got it. Some day it will have a sales page plus a few other pages. For now it is basically about me, with a newer picture of me and some gallery pages. In case any of you haven't already seen it and would like to take a look, the site is

Until later, I wish you all well. I'll try to make sure I post again sooner than July/August of 2011.


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