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No pics right now, but do I feel old!

Half way to 110 today.

Guess I better get down to business now and get to my list of things I've never done - that I want to do that is. Hubby took me to Florida 3 weeks ago. It was the first time we actually flew in the same commercial plane together. We have both flown commercially, but never together. We've been married for 37 years as of this year and that was a first. He is a pilot, so when he flies the company plane to someplace he'll be at for several days, I have on a couple of ocassions flown out to meet him. I'd still like to see New England in the fall, would love to see Alaska, and a few other places in between. I did take swimming lessons two years ago. After coming too close to drowning when I was about 10, I decided at 53 it was time to l earn to tread water. I'm not really good at it, but I can manage to give somebody a little more time to get to me before I go down for the third time. Well, I do need to get about with my day. The natives are restless already (the darling 3 year old granddaughter (Red Chief) and her ADHA Asperger Syndrome half brother (my ex-step-grandson)
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