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Sewing again!

I have managed to find some time to myself. This is what I do with my down time. I do find it very relaxing to sew. This is my first experience with one of the MHD Design patterns. I really like it. Actually I really love it. I have a pet peeve when it comes to patterns that don't go together as they should. So far I am impressed with her pattern. I have three more patterns in my possession to try as well. Eager to work on them now. Once upon a time I could go to my sewing room when ever the creativity struck. Now, another story... Gammie Daycare .. for one three year old darling granddaughter, busy yes, but still darling. Next step is to refine my picture taking skills and also to size the pictures to my liking. It will be some time before I can match the photography skills of Cynthia.
Tags: bjd, sewing, sooah

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