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Where does the time go?!?

Must be the same place all of those socks went to when the kids were still at home. I can't believe it has been two very long years since I last posted. Unbelievable!

I think the last I wrote, I had one whole BJD, my Sooah. I have since renamed her to Liv. I also had a head that I adopted from Sedens - the enabler and very dear friend. The head had a name before she had a body. The heats sits very nicely on a Thaasa Shinydoll body. Her name is Kismet. In searching for a body I adopted a Custome House Mia that I was going to use for Kismet's body. But, once here I just couldn't take her apart. Her name is Alyssa (another story there, but sort of in memory of my youngest brother, may he finally rest in peace). And then last, but not least is my only boy. I adopted him from my friend Sedens. In case any of you wonder where her Jamie went. He is here in Topeka. My now 5 year old darling little granddaughter buddy girl thinks I should name him "Marshmallow". She does come up with some good ones. I'm letting that name gel for a bit before I actually change it. I explained to her we could not name a boy "Marshmallow". However, Marsh might work. We will see if she remembers her suggestion. Marsh might stick maybe. Changing the names of Jessie and Jamie is only because of some experiences I would rather not associate with a doll that came from humans with those names. I know there are good and fun people with those names, but it will be a long time before I can associate fun with those names.

Now I am looking forward to a new year. And what better time to look ahead than a birthday cycle. yes, my birthday is looming forward. I have committed to a design challenge for the new Antionette Tonner doll. Project Doll Way at Home 2. It will be a 3 month challenge. Most of the competitions have been a 6 month ordeal, to put it mildly. I think this one will be fun. And that is what it will be for.. FUN.

Another thing I am contemplating for 2010 is my very first doll convention. I think I would like to try the 2010 Austin BJD Convention. It is within driving distance (12 hours of driving). The price is reasonable compared to doll shows in general. So I think I would like to try for it. I should discuss it with my dear hubby first. He rarely vetoes my requests so it shouldn't be a problem.

Oh!  I did get a website for my birthday last year. It was about 2 or 3 months late, but I got it. Some day it will have a sales page plus a few other pages. For now it is basically about me, with a newer picture of me and some gallery pages. In case any of you haven't already seen it and would like to take a look, the site is

Until later, I wish you all well. I'll try to make sure I post again sooner than July/August of 2011.

Still no pictures, but a happy birhtday to me!

Sometimes somethings are just meant to be. I have one BJD. She is Jessie a Sooah. She is a very special lady and I love her. She came to live with me because I tripped over a post that mentioned her owner was looking at getting rid of her two bigger girls. The one that was pictures did not speak to me so just out of curiosity I asked what the other one was. Low and behold, I adopted Jessie. Just ask "Sedens" how fast that went and how giddy I was.

Then "Sedens" adopts a body and a head, but they don't fit each other. She really likes the body so she goes in search for another head - which has since been united with the body. But now we have a head with no body and for some reason I am prompted to adopt the head. It is a blank head. I really have no idea what I am going to do with it. "Sedens" - by now the enabler - I guess she has always been one- anyway she lets me know that another DoA person is selling two of her CH body girls. They have heads. I ask about them. One is just like Claudine,  but I get the  other one. Somebody wanted to adopt the Claudine twin and I just really need the body so it doesn't matter what head is one it. So now I have a body with a head and a head with no face. The faceless head will go on the body. I figure I will decide what I want to do about a face later. Do I want to try a faceup myself or even scarrier to me, do I want to invest in a face? Decisions. Then I visit ZoZ which I don't do regularly but I had a quiet second so I check it out. Ange has a contest going on for a free face up, I figure it can't hurt to try for it. Actually I wasn't really paying attention to see if the contest was still in progress or not. Well, Happy Birthday to me! I won a face up! I can't believe it! I think her name will be Kismet or something like that. What do you all think? It is a cute name and she certainly has "kismet". Until later....

No pics right now, but do I feel old!

Half way to 110 today.

Guess I better get down to business now and get to my list of things I've never done - that I want to do that is. Hubby took me to Florida 3 weeks ago. It was the first time we actually flew in the same commercial plane together. We have both flown commercially, but never together. We've been married for 37 years as of this year and that was a first. He is a pilot, so when he flies the company plane to someplace he'll be at for several days, I have on a couple of ocassions flown out to meet him. I'd still like to see New England in the fall, would love to see Alaska, and a few other places in between. I did take swimming lessons two years ago. After coming too close to drowning when I was about 10, I decided at 53 it was time to l earn to tread water. I'm not really good at it, but I can manage to give somebody a little more time to get to me before I go down for the third time. Well, I do need to get about with my day. The natives are restless already (the darling 3 year old granddaughter (Red Chief) and her ADHA Asperger Syndrome half brother (my ex-step-grandson)
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Weirdness level Quiz

So, sillydogs, your LiveJournal reveals...

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It looks like I need more friends. But, then I always was a more of the "behind the scenes" type. Interesting quiz though.

Playing with beads

I played with beads after Cynthia left this afternoon. We had picked some out for a project for her CED Colin and while the beads were still out, I played. This is the first pair I came up with. And if I have the pictures in order, these should be the pink and blue glass beads. They are my favorite of the group. the photo didn't really do them justice. The pictures were taken indoors, early evening with a flash.

This is the second pair and should be of clear glass heart shaped earrings.

This is the third pair. They are metal with some blue "enamel"? on them. It is amazing the changes in the appearance her eyes have with the change of the earrings. Jessie is wearing the same Kimono in all of the pictures. The only difference is the earrings. The eyes are Masterpiece Agate eyes and I just LOVE them. Thank you Cynthia, for finding them for me.

This last pictures shows the wonderful Kimono and "Obi" that Cynthia brought up today. Jessie loves it. And, Cynthia, Chris is drooling. I may have to allow her to come over to the dark side with us when I can.

Sewing again!

I have managed to find some time to myself. This is what I do with my down time. I do find it very relaxing to sew. This is my first experience with one of the MHD Design patterns. I really like it. Actually I really love it. I have a pet peeve when it comes to patterns that don't go together as they should. So far I am impressed with her pattern. I have three more patterns in my possession to try as well. Eager to work on them now. Once upon a time I could go to my sewing room when ever the creativity struck. Now, another story... Gammie Daycare .. for one three year old darling granddaughter, busy yes, but still darling. Next step is to refine my picture taking skills and also to size the pictures to my liking. It will be some time before I can match the photography skills of Cynthia.

How to meet a guy.

Frankie has been sent to go check out Kit. Kit apparently doesn't know what to do with Frankie or even what she is.

Kit "Are you lost? Where is your owner?"

Jessie finds Frankie and makes her acquaintance with Kit. Note: Jessie was a little nervous to meet Kit, she put her hat on backwards.


Okay, I  think I am finally ready to start posting journal entries and pictures.

This is Jessie, my Sooah BJD. She has spotted Kit at the Topeka Doll Show  and would like to get his attention. (Shhh, don't tell her he already has a female interest - sorry Erico)

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